Our Advice Process.

Every Wealth Forum is taken through our Advice Process. It is designed to ensure that our Advice is authentic, oriented to achieving your life goals and is built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect.  There are six stages in our Advice Process and it usually spread across at least two face to face meetings. Click below to view our Advice Process.


Our first meeting is about Discovery. We need to get to know each other. We get to know what drives you to work, to spend, to save, to borrow, to risk, to laugh and cry.

We need to know about your goals and dreams for your family and for your retirement. All of these things signpost your Wealth Journey. Knowing these motivators allows us to tailor our advice to you.
We also discuss your attitude to risk and return, saving and investing. We also provide you with the Wealth Education you need to better understand your current financial situation and to move forward with your life and wealth goals.


Our discovery meeting will bring up a wide range of issues and areas where our advice will be needed now or in future. Our Engagement process allows us to mutually agree on what areas we will cover with our Advice.

You will receive a detailed letter outlining the Terms of our Engagement including details of our Advice Service Fee for completing our work. This fee will be based on the complexity of our Advice and will relate to the time taken to complete our work. More information on our fees and charges can be found in our Financial Services Guide.
Like any successful partnership, our Engagement process is designed to give you our client and us your Advisers the formal commitment to work together.

Advice Preparation

Our commitment is to prepare a detailed Financial Plan (Statement of Advice) which will
speak solely to you.

This document will outline where you are now, where you want to be in future and our Advice to help you get there. This Financial Plan will be transparent about the risks and rewards of our recommended strategies and will spell out all the fees and charges associated with our product choices.


We will present our Financial Plan (Statement of Advice) to you and provide you with the support you need to ensure that our Strategies meet your goals and objectives.

We also encourage you to involve any other important people in your life in this meeting so we can provide a clear picture of our Strategies and recommendations.


A Financial Plan (Statement of Advice) needs to be put in place to be worthwhile.

Our implementation process ensures that all of the actions needed to make your Financial Plan work are put in place. We communicate with you along the way to make sure you know how things are going.


Change is the only constant in life and a sound Financial Plan is never “set and forget”.
There is too much at stake to leave things to the winds of change and time.

Each year we will meet at agreed times to review and adjust our Strategies. These meetings are an essential part of our partnership with you.